Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunway Special Scholarship Interview.

I woke up at 6.30am, preparing for my things, bathing and having a simple breakfast. I don't know why (perhaps I spent too much time in bathing?) I still arrived late at the bus stop as everyone was waiting for me. I was the last person reached there. How shameful was that! I feel like wanna bury my head into the ground if there was a hold. 
In the first few quaters of time in the bus, I spent time reading. But I ended up chit-chatting with friends. And of course, SELFIE!

After some time, we reached Sunway 1 hour earlier than the reporting time. So we waited at somewhere there until the seniors led us to the Multi-purpose hall. There were some students in the hall already, probably the first batch. Overwhelmed. All of them looked confident enough and were ones who are excellent in studies. It seemed like I didn't stand a chance of winning the scholarship. But it didn't matter. I was here for the experience not for the results. This made me feel more comfortable. Haha. 

Then, my batch interview started. Students' name were called one by one but there wasn't my name. At intervals of time, students back from the interview were sharing their stories and yeah, I couldn't wait to hear my name to be called but the more I hope for would just make me more disappointed. After a long long long moment, finally it's my turn! 
I sat patiently outside the room, waiting for my friend who was in the interview room to finish his interview. Nervous wasn't with me. I wonder why? Perhaps it's my second experience of interview and I was not hoping much. 

After my friend came out of the room, I strained my eyes through a piece of transparent glass at the door glancing into the room and made eye contact with the person inside. She beckoned me as if telling that I could go in. After knocking the door, I told myself wearing a smile on face is a must! I greeted her and went upon to shake her hand. The interviewer was very friendly and she would agree to whatever you said and would tell you several interesting stuffs as if a friend-to-friend talking. 

Here's some guidelines for those who need it. I mean, for the future candidates. Honestly, before coming to the interview I did search some information from web and I found that the information I got from the bloggers are really useful as it's the real personal experience. So I'm here to just provide you my experience. Hopefully it'll be helpful. 

These are the questions asked by the interviewer. Here goes.
1# How would you spend your time at home other than studying? 
2# What do you think your contribution to the community after 10 years time? 
3# How do you show your personality? In what way? 
4# What's your career planning?
5# Can you describe an obstacle that you had faced in the past? Do you overcome it? 
6# Do you know an actual fact that's happening recently? 

And there'll be other questions that went detailed based on what your respon is. There was at a point that I was bloody funny. I wanted to talk about a missing aeroplane but I mixed up MH370 and MH17. "MH170" was what I blurted out. Astonished, the interviewer was looking at me in a weird expression and I sensed something was terribly wrong. LOL. I then quickly corrected my error. Funny isn't? Other parts of my interview, I think the language spoken was not a big problem but the point I responed to her.

Whatever it ended like, we went for dinner after that! Wohoooo~ 

Here we are.
*Hehe, please allow me to use special effect in my photo. My face is very terrible without it. :P Pimples rooting the whole face. LOL

Just imagine my face without pimples. xD

*The food we had. Hmmm... Not that tasty I must say.

Selfie when going back to Kluang. Teeheee!

Well, today I'd really gained lots of new experiences. Learn from the mistakes, I'll do better in my next interview. And oh, I must comment here, this interview is very much different from the AFS interview (a student exchange programme interview). It's more like something your academic achievements must be excellent while the AFS one is something you have to show your well communication skills, eagerness to adapt in a new environment and your out-going personality. 

Mission accomplished! 

Till next time, 

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